New Move Submission Guidelines

If you would like to submit moves that are not already in the database, please send an email following the guidelines. The email can be found using the mail icon at the bottom of any page. Additionally, please conduct research to determine if a move is new by searching Parkour Theory or by using resources such as Youtube and Instagram prior to submitting a new move. The burden of proof falls upon the submitter. Submissions for new moves must follow the guidlines completely and accurately. You must also provide explicit permission from the creator of any videos submitted. For general suggestions and comments, please contact Parkour Theory on Facebook or via email.

Required information:

  1. Technical name of the move
  2. Type (Vault / Flip / Twist / Wall / Bar)
  3. Known aliases
  4. Prerequisites
  5. Subsequent progressions
  6. A concise description
  7. Youtube link to the original video or the original footage
    (Please try to provide high quality footage. The set, execution, and landing must be visible and unobstructed, and the performer must be unambiguous.)