Browser compatibility

If you have issues using this website, try updating your web browser and enabling JavaScript in it.

Supported browsers and mobile operating systems:
- Google Chrome version 39.0.2171.71
- Mozilla Firefox version 34.0
- Apple - Safari version 7.0.3 (9537.75.14)
- Android 5.0 Lollipop
- iOS 8

Report errata and bugs

If you find a bug, please send an email following the steps below. The email can be found using the mail icon at the bottom of any page.
  1. Thoroughly note the steps for how to replicate the bug.
  2. If possible take a screenshot of the issue.
  3. Note your browser and its version.
  4. Email your documentation to the Parkour Theory administrator.
Bugs include:
  • - Browser incompatibility
  • - Broken designs e.g. overlapping text, missing text fields, breaks when screen resized, etc.
  • - Broken functionality e.g. blank search results page or cannot submit a form
  • - Incorrect information e.g. videos, move information, links etc.